I've developed a versatile Token Sniper. At the moment it supports snipping tokens from PairCreated events, AddLiquidity transactions, Telegram groups or by monitoring a list of tokens. With a very fast in-house and in-chain Honeypot auditor, that checks if a token can be sold, fees and gas usage before buying. Configurable Take Profit, Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss. And more to come.


The Pyramid Quest

You already know the drill... another pyramidal game. This one more pyramidal than any other! Time your entry, reinvestments and exit to beat your opponents! Plus the Tax Collectors that you hire are for you forever. As long as the game continues and you keep collecting your taxes they'll provide you a continuous income.

3 levels referral system

Earn 3% of the Scarabaeidae BNB collected by anyone who starts hiring using your link:


And an additional 1% of each of the persons they invite to participate and another 0.3% for the third level. This nice pyramid of contributions can definitely boost your profits!

Contract 100% free of rug pull functions. You can learn how to check it out youself here.

You have 0 Tax Collectors





Production Power





scarabs in the Pharaoph's trunk

current value*: ? BNB

(incl. ? from referrals)

until the trunk is full

* The value can go up or down depending on the total number of scarabs and BNB in the contract.

Enter BNB amount & click Hire below

Hire ? collectors

It is not necessary, nor recommended, to keep your computer on to mine. The contract will collect scarabs whether you are connected to the site or not. Be green, save on electricity and turn off your computer when you are not using it.

Contract balance: ? BNB

Scarabs in the market: ?

Price per trillion scarabs: ? BNB

Your share of scarabs: ?%

Your wallet's balance: ? BNB

Now that you're here, find & revoke all the addresses that can spend your tokens


Unlike its predecessors which paid 100% daily, causing instant and massive inflation, The Pyramid Quest pays a modest 3% daily.

Mining Efficiency

The Pyramid Quest pays aprox. 3% daily, according to the current mining efficiency rate. The mining efficiency rate rises and falls as you and other players hire Tax Collectors, compound earnings and pocket BNB.


This site is for entertainment purposes only and it should not be considered an investment. It's intented for those players who can accept the risks associated with participating in a pyramidal game. If you're not familiar with this type of games, please, do yourself a favor and leave this site. Under no circunstances will the developers be accountable for any loses.

Verified Public Contract

The The Pyramid Quest contract is public, verified and can be viewed here on BSCScan.