I've developed a versatile Token Sniper. At the moment it supports snipping tokens from PairCreated events, AddLiquidity transactions, Telegram groups or by monitoring a list of tokens. With a very fast in-house and in-chain Honeypot auditor, that checks if a token can be sold, fees and gas usage before buying. Configurable Take Profit, Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss. And more to come.


If you've been affected by bnb turtles v1, click here.

Let's kick the horse!

The owner of version 1 of bnb horses has changed their site and doesn't allow people to withdraw their money. And they made any new deposits to go to v2's contract, which they can empty at any time again.

Here at The Pyramid Quest we're going to help you recover your funds from version 1, or at least minimise your loses.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you with version 2, as that contract was tainted (more info HERE) and the owner already run away with all the money, leaving the contract empty.

We cannot give you all your money at once, as that's the beauty of these (the non-tainted) contracts, that not even the owner can access the funds at their will, let alone us. Once deployed into the blockchain, the contract is inalterable and keeps the control of all the things by itself.

But you should be able to come here every day or few days and withdraw the proportion of BNB that their contract will have mined/released since your last withdraw. Essentially, in the same way as you did in the original site.

If you need any help, just to say thank you :), or have a chat with us, join our TELEGRAM group.

Si necesitas ayuda, simplemente quieres dar las gracias :), o echar un rato, únete a nuestro grupo de TELEGRAM.

Now that you're here, find & revoke all the addresses that can spend your tokens

Ya que andas por aquí, busca todas las direcciones que pueden gastar tus tokens y revoca el permiso

It seems that you have


currently mined in the horses v1 contract.

Withdraw Your BNB

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O si quieres enviarnos una propina en BNB, ETH o tokens: 0x6ec8f79BE9980CCf67F7993E43F614A0E827B3db